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50 x Gadget LCD Screen Cleaning Wipes

50 x Gadget LCD Screen Cleaning Wipes

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  • Premium quality cleaning cloths contain anti-static components to ensure gentle and thorough removal of dirt, grease and dust

  • Lightweight, ultra-portable and practical packaging with a resealable lid - ideal size for your camera bag or laptop case

  • Compatible with all LCD and HD touchscreens, viewfinders and lenses

  • Pack of 50 for long-lasting use

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How often do you find yourself needing to clean your gadgets on the go? Why not chuck one of these handy little dispensers into your bag for instant access to safe, non-toxic cleaning wipes whenever you need them?

Our multi-purpose cleaning cloths are designed to eliminate dust, dirt and grime from your glossy touchscreen or camera lens in an instant and provide a quick-evaporating, non-damaging service to your device. Equipped with 50 moist cleaning cloths in a handy dispenser, the wipes are long-lasting and maximize the lifespan of your delicate screen.

With these high quality, professional-grade cleaning cloths, you can safely remove any unwanted build-up without causing damage - keep your executive tablet, smartphone, laptop or camera looking dust, dirt, mark and scratch-free at all times!

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