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  • MWC 2014 Countdown: What Duragadget are waiting for...

    This February 24-27 sees the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) hitting Barcelona, uniting tech-lovers everywhere following the fading buzz of CES 2014. Pitted to be bigger and better than the Consumer Electronics Show, Mark Zuckerberg has even submitted his RSVP. Continue reading
  • From A Galaxy Not That Far Away... Samsung Galaxy S5 – Episode V: Rumours, Tech Specs and Release Date

    The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be announced this February 23rd, just ahead of Mobile World Congress 2014. If the announcement goes ahead on this date, it will come in perfect time to steal the show from other mobile phone giants at the conference. Continue reading
  • Why we LOVE the iPad Air: Tech, Specs and Review

    Since Apple effectively launched the tablet market four years ago with the original, first generation iPad, the market has exploded with devices released by the likes of Samsung, Sony and Asus and the competition has grown in force. Apple haven't been left with an easy task; to produce new generations of the iPad that still manage to dominate the consumer market. Often criticized for their price point, too similar designs and, essentially, unchanged interface, it was time for the tablet leaders to up their game. Continue reading
  • Duragadget's Best of CES 2014 Awards

    As January 10th concluded this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the team here at Duragadget have been battling over who - or what - wins our coveted awards for 2014. It hasn't been easy: we've debated, argued and, at times, even duelled over the nominees. The competition has been fierce and the future of technology has been left without boundaries - smart objects, virtual reality headsets and dynamic robots represented only a minority of what industry giants imagined and simultaneously produced. With tradeshow products already due to enter the market, future products currently in the pipeline and even more ideas bouncing around CEO's desks, 2014 stands to be a very exciting year. Continue reading

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